Quick Summary


Pure Transplant Solutions, LLC (PTS) has developed a proprietary immunotherapeutic protein integrated with a medical device called the selective HLA Antibody Removal Column (ARC™) for use in a novel selective antibody removal therapy.

The ARC therapy is similar to a dialysis therapy but instead of filtering the blood of byproducts for a failing kidney, the anti-HLA antibodies are specifically filtered and removed from the serum fraction of the blood, to allow for unacceptably matched organs to be transplanted, making possible the donation of an organ of any tissue type to a patient of any tissue type – effectively “Any Organ, Any Body”.

Our Mission


To remove immunological barriers from organ transplantation and improve an organ recipient’s quality of life.

We believe both innovation and awareness have the power to drive positive social and economic change. The answers to our biggest problems are obtainable for those willing to take risks, to be creative and experiment, and to confront conventional thinking. We at PTS are passionate about making a difference to transplantation and are committed to providing innovative solutions that have the potential and promise to make our world a better place.

Our Campaign

We have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise awareness and funds for the PTS ARC™ technology. With the support of individuals and organizations who want to see this revolutionary product in the market IMPROVING AND SAVING LIVES, we will have the ability to take the ARC™ through clinical trials and make Any Organ Any Body a reality!  

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Our Supporters

Thanks to everyone who has made a contribution to the Any Organ Any Body crowdfunding campaign!

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